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Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt Therapy has become a comprehensive philosophy, theory and methodology that has consistently questioned the rational, mechanistic, power-based systems of human healing that have been in vogue in the past. Our process-orientation, person-in-environment perspective and our focus on the expansion of awareness, wholeness and dialogue, presents us with a clear global basis for a new understanding of the evolution of humankind.

The Brisbane Gestalt Institute, along with the International Community of Gestalt Centres and Institutes, is committed to the on-going development and promotion of Gestalt Therapy.

Expand Your Awareness

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Gestalt Therapy Training 2003
The details for the Gestalt Therapy Training 2003 course are now available.

In The Now Newsletter 2003 Edition
Posted on Dec. 06 2002,20:14. by Yaro
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Posted on Dec. 06 2002,19:43. by Yaro
Gold Coast Gestalt Therapy Group 2003 Course.

For full details and applications downlo....
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Posted on Oct. 27 2002,03:19. by Webmaster
Published in the British Gestalt Journal
       2002, Volume 11 No. 1
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2002 Graduating Class - Men group facilitators
Posted on Sep. 03 2002,05:37. by Yaro
Men Group Facilita....
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Mexico Photo Album
Posted on Sep. 03 2002,05:16. by Yaro
This is a celebration of 15 years of the Institute de Gestalt in Guadalajara, Mexico. La Fiesta del ....
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Jorge Rosner - teacher
Posted on May 02 2002,18:11. by Yaro
This is an announcement of the departure into the WOO-WOO (death) of Jorge Rosner. Jorge was my teac....
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Gestalt News International
Posted on April 12 2002,16:40. by Yaro

Greetings Colleagues,
The GESTALT NEWS is a bulletin produced by....
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BGI Winter 2002 Newsletter
Posted on April 11 2002,18:30. by Yaro
This issue of the newsletter contains information on the SELF, latest news and activities. The newsl....
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Staying in Touch with Touch by Eve Siegel
An interesting article on touch in psychotherapy.

Gestalt Therapy: The Attitude & Practice of an Atheoretical Experientialism
Book review by Yaro Starak.

Working with Extreme States: Severe Diseases and Individuation
A lecture by Arnold Mindell, Ph.D, Process Work Centre USA.

Theory and practice of Gestalt Therapy - Dr.Robert Resnick, Clinical Psychologist
An interview with Dr Robert Resnick by Margie Norman from Psychology Today.

2000 BGI Residential Photographs
Pictures of the student groups from three different year levels.

Discussion Boards Now Available
The Gestalt Institute Discussion Boards are now up and running. You do not need to subscribe or even become a user to post messages. Open discussion is the current topic.

Australian Kayak Personal Growth Retreat
March 30-April 5, 2003

Australian Kayak Personal Growth Retreat
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Urgent Message!
Response to Bali terror bombing

Bali Seminar 2004

Bali Seminar 2004
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Friday Evening Forums
BGI is again offering a series of Forums exploring a variety of topics from a Gestalt perspective.

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